Michael Milnes – How to be a Physical Therapist

Michael Milnes has been a physical therapist for over 20 years in Rochester, Minnesota. He wanted to become a physical therapist because he witnessed the therapy that his parents went through after a serious car accident nearly killed them. Milnes continues to learn new physical therapy techniques and use them well with his clients in the Rochester area. Here’s how you can be a physical therapist like Milnes:

Michael Milnes

Michael Milnes

· Earn a Bachelor’s degree. Most physical therapists earn their Bachelor’s degrees in health-related fields. Michael Milnes earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin.
· Complete a doctoral degree. Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs vary in title and subject from Applied Physical Therapy to Pharmacotherapy. Milnes was fortunate to take a Physical Therapy degree as a Bachelor’s degree-level program because he received excellent training before he entered the doctorate program.
· Meet state licensing requirements. All states in the United States require all physical therapists to be registered and licensed. Many specific requirements are set by the states themselves, but most require, at minimum, the passage of the National Physical Therapy Examination.

Michael Milnes has been a successful physical therapist in the Rochester, Minnesota area for over 20 years. He has helped many people recover from a wide range of serious injuries and build strength in their muscles, ligaments, and tendons so they can build strength their own training regimens and exercise routines. Milnes creates new ways to help his clients lead healthier lives in the Rochester community and beyond.

About Michael Milnes Rochester MN

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN, is a physical therapist based in Rochester, Minnesota. Michael Milnes has received his undergraduate degree in Biology, which gives him a great foundational knowledge of the human body. Following his undergrad, Michael Mines Rochester MN went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Michael Milnes has used his doctorate to achieve great success as a physical therapist. Michael Mines Rochester MN currently uses his doctorate in Physical Therapy as a self-employed physical therapist that is beloved by his clients.
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