Michael Milnes – Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients Making Strides

Michael Milnes, an experienced physical therapist with a clinic in Rochester, MN, is appreciative of the strides the medical research community is making towards providing better ways of physical therapy. There are many ways through which physical therapy is effected, and he’s particularly encouraged by a program called Knock Out Parkinson’s that is aimed at helping patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Michael Milnes

Knock Out Parkinson’s is a product of Specialized Physical Therapy, which is a clinic that helps patients in various stages of the disease. The program consists of a number of exercises that borrow from boxing – punches, footwork, combinations – to teach patients balance and improve cardiovascular health. Each exercise is aimed at tackling a specific symptom: punching helps to even out tremors; stretching relaxes stiff muscles; footwork helps improves balance; and sparring works on coordination.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder that affects almost a million Americans. The disease has no cure, but research has shown that patients who choose to engage in moderate to high intensity exercises improve their health and make gains on the symptoms. The mission of the program is to help Parkinson’s patients improve their physical and mental strength through movement, all while enjoying a fun environment.

For Michael Milnes, such a program is a creative and exciting way to help patients gain the confidence and strength to live better lives. Even though there is no cure, Milnes knows that these physical therapy programs are doing a lot to improve the living situations of many.


About Michael Milnes Rochester MN

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN, is a physical therapist based in Rochester, Minnesota. Michael Milnes has received his undergraduate degree in Biology, which gives him a great foundational knowledge of the human body. Following his undergrad, Michael Mines Rochester MN went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Michael Milnes has used his doctorate to achieve great success as a physical therapist. Michael Mines Rochester MN currently uses his doctorate in Physical Therapy as a self-employed physical therapist that is beloved by his clients.
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