Michael Milnes – Nine Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit You

When you visit your doctor because you are experiencing pain, you may not understand why their first suggestion is to begin treatment with a physical therapist like Michael Milnes, a therapist out of Rochester, Minnesota, rather than prescribing you medication. If you’ve never been to a physical therapist before, you may not know that physical therapy is a highly beneficial, low-risk solution to diagnose and treat a variety of different medical issues. Physical therapy is designed to help people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses, or injuries that have limited their regular ability to move. It can help you return to your prior level of physical movement. While, some reasons for physical therapy may seem obvious, others may surprise you. Here are nine ways you may benefit from physical therapy.

Michael Milnes

  • Reduce or eliminate pain – to reduce or even eliminate low back pain, physical therapists may provide hands-on therapy or treatment. Methods such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation can help restore muscle and joint function helping to relieve pain.
  • Help you avoid surgery – if you are able to alleviate your pain or heal from an injury, you are less likely going to need to undergo surgery.
  • Improve mobility – physical therapy can help you if you are having trouble standing, walking, or moving. The strengthening and stretching exercises that are often prescribed can help you regain your mobility, no matter your age.
  • Stroke recovery – after a stroke, it is common to lose some degree of function and mobility. Physical therapy works to strengthen weakened parts of the body while improving balance and gait.
  • Recover from a sports injury – physical therapists understand the risks involved with sports. They can design a specific program to help you recover from a sports injury, or even help you prevent an injury through the appropriate exercises.
  • Improve your balance – when you first begin a physical therapy program, the therapist will screen your fall risk. If it is determined you are a high fall risk, they will provide you with exercises that mimic real-life situation.
  • Manage diabetes – exercise is proven to help effectively control blood sugar. A physical therapist can design a plan for you that combines the right mix of aerobic and strengthening exercises.
  • Manage age-related issues – you may develop arthritis or osteoporosis when you get older. Or you may end up needing joint replacement surgery. Physical therapy can help older patients maintain their mobility with the right treatment plan.
  • Manage heart and lung disease – if you have a heart attack, you will complete a cardiac rehabilitation program. If your daily functioning is affected, you would benefit from a personalized exercise program from your physical therapist

There are many ways physical therapists like Michael Milnes can help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Before you resort to taking medication, consider visiting a physical therapist.

About Michael Milnes Rochester MN

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN, is a physical therapist based in Rochester, Minnesota. Michael Milnes has received his undergraduate degree in Biology, which gives him a great foundational knowledge of the human body. Following his undergrad, Michael Mines Rochester MN went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Michael Milnes has used his doctorate to achieve great success as a physical therapist. Michael Mines Rochester MN currently uses his doctorate in Physical Therapy as a self-employed physical therapist that is beloved by his clients.
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