Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN: Well-Known

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN is a physical specialist that has been making very much a name for himself over the eighteen years of his vocation. Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN has an office situated in the Historic District, where numerous individuals herd to look for his assistance.

Michael Milnes Rochester MN

Other physical therapists simply lack the gentle touch and experience that Michael has, traits that have earned him a special place in the heart of the Rochester community.

Visit   http://michaelmilnesrochestermn.blogspot.com    to know more about him.


About Michael Milnes Rochester MN

Michael Milnes of Rochester, MN, is a physical therapist based in Rochester, Minnesota. Michael Milnes has received his undergraduate degree in Biology, which gives him a great foundational knowledge of the human body. Following his undergrad, Michael Mines Rochester MN went on to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Michael Milnes has used his doctorate to achieve great success as a physical therapist. Michael Mines Rochester MN currently uses his doctorate in Physical Therapy as a self-employed physical therapist that is beloved by his clients.
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